Monday, August 10, 2009

Windows 7 RTM Clean Install for X61t (Tablet)

The following instructions have been tested and will allow all the buttons on the X61t to function properly including auto rotate, pen, turbo memory, bluetooth, fingerprint and on screen display with the MINIMAL amount of Lenovo software installed.

1) Install Windows 7 RTM (Delete all partitions until you have just Disk 0 Unallocated Space to utilitize all of your disk space.)
2) Run Windows Update to install the latest drivers INCLUDING the optional drivers. This should include Fingerprint driver, Video driver, and Audio driver, Bluetooth drivers, Trackpoint, Display driver. Reboot when updates are installed.
3) Install the following IN ORDER. Please download from Lenovo's site.

1 LenovoSystemInterfaceDrivers (1.01.0805 / 7jif11ww)
2 Turbo Memory ( 7zin73ww)
3 HotKeyDriver (2.20.0001 / 6hvu20ww)
4 PowerManagementDriver (1.53 / 6hku06ww)
5 TabletButtonDriver (3.04 / 7jgk08ww)
6 ShortcutMenu (5.04 / 7wg704ww)
7 Multitouch Driver ( / 7wgf06ww)
8 ThinkVantageActiveProtection (1.70 / 6asa50ww google to find this beta driver)


9 ThinkVantagePowerManager (2.50 / 6hu406ww)

I decided to not use Power Manager but it does work.
That's it!