Monday, August 27, 2007

X61t Clean Installation

  • Be sure the wireless is TURNED OFF to prevent any attempt for Vista to do any automatic updates or activations.
  • Install the following in order. REMEMBER to reboot after EVERY STEP. WAIT until the harddrive access light stops blinking before rebooting. Don't forget that for each of these, if you run the .EXE downloaded from Lenovo, you will have to go into the folder that it was extracted to and install as instructed by Lenovo.
    • 01 Intel Chipset ( / oss704ww)
    • 02 LenovoSystemInterfaceDrivers (1.00.0702 / 7jif09ww)
    • 03 Turbo Memory ( / Download from Intel)
    • 04 Matrix Storage ( / Download from Intel)
    • 05 X3100 ( / 7ld522ww)
    • 06 Audio ( / 7ka209ww)
    • 07 EthernetDriver (Build 141888 / 7krv18ww)
    • 08 IntelWireless ( / 7kwv23ww assuming 4965agn)
    • 09 Bluetooth ( / 7kba12ww)
    • 10 HotKeyDriver (2.06.0708 / 7kvu22ww)
    • 11 PowerManagementDriver (1.43 / 7kku06ww)
    • 12 TabletButtonDriver (3.01 / 7jgk02ww)
    • 13 ShortcutMenu (3.62 / 7jgd62ww)
    • 14 Multitouch Driver ( / 7jgf08ww)
    • 15 EasyEject (2.33 / 7ku208ww)
    • 16 ThinkVantageActiveProtection (1.52 / 7ksa10ww)
    • 17 ThinkVantagePowerManager (2.05 / 7ku417ww)
    • 18 ThinkVantagePresentationDirector (3.03a / 7rua05ww)
    • 19 ThinkVantageFingerPrint ( / fpr_7of106ww)
    • 20 ThinkVantageClientSecurity (8.00.0115 / z502zis1115us00)
    • 21 ThinkVantageAccessConnections (4.42 / 7rcn38ww)
    • 22 ThinkVantageProductivityCenter (2.02 / 7kuy03cw)
    • 23 KB938979 (Vista Patch from Microsoft)
    • 24 KB938194 (Vista Patch from Microsoft)
    • 25 KB929191 (Vista Patch downloaded from Lenovo / osv004ww)
    • 26 DevicePowerManagementRegistryPatch (1.02 / osfg03ww)
    • 27 USBPowerManagementPatch (1.01 / osfh02ww)
    • 28 USBSleepPatch (1.01 / osfl02ww)
  • You are DONE!!! Now, turn on your wireless, connect to your network, and run Windows Update and patch everything until there are no more patches.
  • A few things that I decided NOT to install:
    • Diskeeper 9 (copied from the apps folder prior to clean install). Vista team did a great job making defragmentation a painless feature of Vista and it does its job. There is no need to install Diskeeper which in my opinion is a Downgrade. This is one of those apps that Lenovo probably is PAID to put on your tablet.
    • Modem drivers. I don't like the Digital Line detector and I rarely will use the modem anyway. So, Microsoft's default drivers will do.
    • TrackPoint drivers from Lenovo. DO NOT INSTALL. There drivers are not compatible with user switching in Vista. Your system will hang if you log into a user and use Vista to switch to another user without logging out. If you buy a Microsoft mouse and install Intellipoint from Microsoft it will disable TrackPoint drivers anyway.
    • Keyboard Customizer from Lenovo. No need for me to remap windows keys.
    • ThinkPad Help Center. I don't need the Thinkpad documentation. You can install this if you want the help files installed on your computer.
    • ThinkVantage Access Help. This has some online features for accessing help but I don't really need it and I think it can affect system performance.
    • ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery. I use Vista's Complete PC Backup and File Backup. I don't see a need to use Lenovo's rescue and recovery when it is built into Vista now.
    • ThinkVantage Message Center. I don't need this for sure. I don't think you'll need it either if you visit Lenovo's site to download your own updates.
    • ThinkVantage Maintenance Center. I don't see a need this with Vista since defragmentation is already scheduled as default. You can easily run disk cleanup and other built-in utilities as needed.
    • ThinkVantage System Update 3.0. I plan on getting my own updates from Lenovo's site. This application is resource intensive in my opinion.
    • KB930979. I didn't install this update downloaded from Lenovo because I'm not using BitLocker.


Margaret said...

Thanks, this is very helpful, especially when some other instructions I've seen state that some key feature or other won't work after their version of a clean install.

I'm wondering, however, whether there might be an advantage to installing the "Rescue & Recovery" software given that it claims to run independently of Windows. Their documentation suggests that it'd enable you to recover stuff that you might otherwise lose. "Rescue and Recovery is an essential tool that enables users and administrators to
restore backups, access files, diagnose problems, and make Ethernet connections if
the Microsoft Windows operating system will not open or run correctly. It also
enables deployment of critical updates to systems that are corrupted or off the
network, as well as automatically apply patches to a system when a restore is

The Rescue and Recovery program provides an environment that runs independently
of the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) operating system. Because the Rescue and Recovery
workspace exists separately from Windows, it provides a safe place from which to
perform rescue and recovery operations that might not be possible from the Windows

What do you think? Is it so resource-intensive that I should forget about it because it's unlikely I'd benefit from its independence from Windows?

Also, while I want to do a complete clean install and get rid of the hidden partition, I do like a few of the "gadgets" that Lenovo includes, but they're not offered as a separate download on their site that I can find. Any advice on how I can retain these?

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